Gardening Companies

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The Butchart Gardens The Butchart Gardens

are being replaced with compact florescent bulbs. Food waste from the kitchens and coffee grounds are composted. Wood gardening flats are used instead of plastic. ... more »

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  • environmental
Sun Select Produce Inc. Sun Select Produce Inc.

Sun Select Produce sells fruits and vegetables that are not genetically modified. They are pesticide free, and hand picked. Carbon offsets funding from ... more »

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  • waste

Sooke Harbour House Sooke Harbour House

At the Sooke Harbour House Restaurant they serve local, organic and wild food. All salad greens and herbs are grown in their own organic gardens. They have an ... more »

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Nature's Path Foods

whether it is for a gym membership or a new commuter bike, and they have an on-site organic garden. They sponsor urban gardening projects, environmental education, ... more »

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  • environmental
All Things Organic

produce less waste while improving the quality and productivity of their soil. His light bulb moment occurred when his gardening and horticultural experience led ... more »

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My Smart Garden

My Smart Garden online store specializes in environmetally friendly gardening tools featuring the German-engineered Brill Razorcut push lawn mowers.... more »

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  • gardening
Denman Island Chocolate Ltd.

in 1994, looking for a more rural lifestyle in which to bring up their two sons and thinking of starting a market gardening... more »

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  • rural
People and Planet

opportunities, events, courses, links, resources, e-mail newsletter and lists. Also: sustainable/organic food, gardening and... more »

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Green Space Designs

Green Space Designs can help you create a sustainable organic garden area. They use drought resistant plants that are easy to maintain without the use of chemical ... more »

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  • organic
Artful Lodger

The Artful Lodger offers cottages for rent that are made from strawbale. The strawbale cottages stay cool even on hot summer days. There is also an eco-friendly ... more »

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  • solar
BestOkill Pest Control

BestOkill is the professional, knowledgeable and experienced pest control and wildlife removal company. BestOkill Pest Control provides pest control services for ... more »

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  • home garden
River Cafe

River Cafe seeks out the best available ingredients of the region for their restaurant. They serve organic and free range products from local farmers and producers ... more »

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  • local
Kw'o:Kw'e:hala Eco Vacation Retreat

Kw'o:Kw'e:hala Eco Vacation Retreat has reinvented the meaning of accommodation. Relax in their soothing natural surroundings. They have riverside lounging areas ... more »

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  • natural
Community Natural Foods

Community Natural Foods can provide you with unrefined and organic foods, natural nutritional supplements and sustainable lifestyle products. Whenever possible ... more »

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  • natural
Forest Ethics

At ForestEthics, we know life is complicated – sometimes it helps to break things down to the bare essentials: Air. Water. Wildlife. Health. A stable climate. ... more »

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Carbonsync will deliver a live Christmas tree to your door for use over the holiday season and then after the Christmas season is over they will pick up the tree ... more »

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At Enviro-Klean, we are manufacturers of asphalt plants began modifying their equipment to remediate hydrocarbon contaminated soils. The process was effective, ... more »

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Envirolet is the U.S. web site for the Canadian company Sancor industries Ltd. Envirolet also deals with international sales that are not in Canada, Europe or Scandinavia. ... more »

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  • commercial
Bamboo World

We are collectors of rare, exotic and cold hardy bamboo plants that can make your yard look like it is in the tropics. We are offering some of our rare collection ... more »

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  • plants
Bow Point Nursery

A sustainable approach to growing plants, for those who wish to have their landscapes mimic the ideals of nature.  We have the plants and the methods to replicate ... more »

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  • growing –
  • nature
Eco Living Organics

Eco Living Organics has a composter for your kitchen. It is an odourless composting system that breaks down kitchen scraps quickly with the assistance of a compost ... more »

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  • living
Earths General Store

This is a store with a conscience, where you can choose to purchase healthy products that have a minimal impact on the environment. They offer products such as ... more »

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  • healthy
Crannog Ales

Crannog Ales is a certified organic farmhouse micro brewery. Their ales are available in draft form only, no bottles, thereby creating less waste with bottles. ... more »

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  • waste
Canada Salt Group Ltd

 Canada Salt is a trusted and reliable bulk road salt suppliers in Ontario catering to a wide range of industries.We pride ourselves in developing long-term ... more »

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Vancouver Tree Services

 We provide professional tree services to Metro Vancouver homeowners and businesses. We offer a range of services from trimming, removal, maintenance and stump ... more »

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  • eco landscaping –
  • eco gardens. eco landscaping. garden
Green Start

When it comes down to it, we make programs that work, for people and for the planet. It’s our mission to go easy on lifestyle, and hard on waste, celebrating ... more »

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  • service
The Living Centre

Spirit of the Earth, The Living Centre & Living Arts Institute, is an eco-spiritual education and healing sanctuary, recognized by the Ministry of Education ... more »

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  • earth
Vista 18

Vista 18 focuses on organic, local products and have planted their own garden to provide fresh herbs for their restaurant. They are a member of the Island Chefs' ... more »

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  • restaurant
Perry Engineering

Mr. Perry became interested in GREEN BUILDING technology in 1985 when he was commissioned by the Canadian Department of Energy, Mines and Resources to do a study ... more »

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  • green
Salt Spring Seeds

All seeds produced at Salt Spring Seeds are untreated, open pollinated, and non-GMO organic seeds, or organically grown seeds. As well as individual seed packages, ... more »

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  • fruit

Gardening Products

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Sustainable Approach to Growing Plants Sustainable Approach to Growing Plants

plants. In addition to the actual plants, we also offer a variety of other products that will help ensure your gardening success. These include mulches, reclaimed ... more »

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  • Native Plants –
  • Sustainable Gardening
Organic Composting Materials Organic Composting Materials

and organic composting. Our worms and other composting products can help you manage your household waste and make your gardening much more productive. Now is the ... more »

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  • Organic Waste
Earth Friendly Products Earth Friendly Products

the impact that we make on our planet. Some of the products that EcoChem offers include organic fertilisers, natural gardening products, beneficial microbial products ... more »

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  • Environmentally Friendly –
  • Environmentally Friendly Products
Pest Control Services

, mice inspection,mice removal,mice control,mice exterminator,mice removal,rat inspection,rat removal,rat control,ants control,carpenter ants,pharaoh,pavement ants,ant ... more »

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Biodegradable Food Packaging Biodegradable Food Packaging

BSI Biodegradable Solutions offers a variety of compostable and biodegradable food packaging, food service ware and flatware. Our goal is to help businesses become ... more »

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  • Compost –
  • Biodegradable
Strawbale Cottages on the Slocan River Strawbale Cottages on the Slocan River

Welcome to Artful Lodger. We have two beautiful strawbale cottages on the Slocan River that would make a lovely accommodation on your next holiday. If you are looking ... more »

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  • Strawbale –
  • Hotel
Certified Organic Microbrewery Certified Organic Microbrewery

Crannog Ales is a certified organic microbrewery, of which only a handful exist in the entire world. Not only are our ales unpasteurized and unfiltered, but they’re ... more »

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  • Organic Beer –
  • Certified Organic
Carefree Compost Solution Carefree Compost Solution

At Community Composting, we offer a carefree compost solution to those who want to begin composting, but aren’t sure where to start. All you have to do is ... more »

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  • Compost Companies
Sustainable Organic Stewardship Sustainable Organic Stewardship

Canadian Organic Growers, or COG, is a charitable organisation made up of members who strive toward sustainable organic stewardship of the land. Our members include ... more »

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  • Conservation –
  • Organic Farms
Organic Garden Fertilisers Organic Garden Fertilisers

Orgunique understands what it takes to have a successful and safe garden, and offers organic garden fertilisers to help your garden grow. Our goal is to help you ... more »

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  • Natural Products –
  • Natural
Biodegradable and Compostable Bags Biodegradable and Compostable Bags

Biobag Canada is the first company in Canada to introduce biodegradable and compostable bags. Meant to be used instead of paper or plastic bags, biobags are able ... more »

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  • Biodegradable

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