Climate Change

Climate Change Companies

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Blue Green Planet Project

would not be planted otherwise. Choosing vulnerable rural and first nations communities that are most affected by climate change. We do this for the health of the ... more »

  • climate change –
  • greenhouse offset –
  • climate change management
Offsetters Climate Neutral Society Offsetters Climate Neutral Society

University of British Columbia who continues to publish on a range of research topics, including social enterprise, climate change and social impacts and acceptability ... more »

  • climate change –
  • climate –
  • growing

Origino Origino

Origin Organics is who we are, but our dearest friends call us OriginO. We were founded in 1997 with the intent to grow the best tasting greenhouse tomatoes and ... more »

  • organic –
  • greenhouse –
  • quality
Eco-Sense Eco-Sense

Ann and Gord Baird of Eco-Sense have created North America's first code-approved, seismically engineered, load bearing, insulated cob house with solar PV and wind ... more »

  • design –
  • solar –
  • building
Houweling Nurseries Ltd. Houweling Nurseries Ltd.

Houweling's Tomatoes, is a family owned, world-renowned greenhouse tomato grower with facilities in Camarillo, CA and Delta, BC. Founded by Cornelius Houweling ... more »

  • environmental –
  • family –
  • greenhouse
BEC Consulting BEC Consulting

BEC is a professional green building consulting, certification and mechanical design firm. Our firm works on new construction and major renovations of green homebuilding ... more »

  • energy –
  • service –
  • building

waste, Powersmiths helps our customers reduce electricity demand; lower greenhouse gas emissions and help slow climate change. A continuous improvement “lean ... more »

  • design –
  • manufacturing –
  • sustainable

programs and projects. The firm also boasts experience in renewable energy, energy performance contracting, climate change mitigation and carbon... more »

  • energy –
  • design –
  • consultants
Pollution Probe

and tangible environmental change. Pollution Probe has four major program areas: energy, air and transportation, climate change and... more »

  • energy –
  • environmental –
  • water
Less Emissions Inc.

Visit the Less Emissions website to calculate your carbon footprint and purchase carbon offsets.... more »

  • environment –
  • sustainability –
  • sustainable
Carbon Busters

Carbon Busters® Inc. is a leading company in the area of greenhouse gas emissions reduction through green building and community design, energy conservation ... more »

  • energy –
  • environmental –
  • building
Equilibrium Engineering Inc.

We here at Equilibrium Engineering Inc. are a Nova Scotia-based energy services company who have a passion in sustainable building design and energy conservation. ... more »

  • energy –
  • engineering –
  • building
ATCO EnergySense

We offer a flexible menu of energy management services for business customers. We have performed energy assessments on over 650 facilities which include municipal, ... more »

  • energy –
  • management –
  • business
e3 Solutions

At e3 Solutions, helping companies measure, monitor, and verify their greenhouse gas emissions is what we do.  Since 2005, e3 has provided software solutions ... more »

  • environmental –
  • solutions –
  • management
Zero GHG

Visit the Zero GHG website to calculate your carbon footprint and purchase carbon offsets.... more »

  • climate change –
  • global warming –
  • carbon footprint

- has developed a unique environmental technology, which efficiently digests organic waste materials and produces biological fertility ... more »

  • commercial –
  • organic –
  • environmental
Can-Technologies Inc.

Can-Technologies is an Engineering Services company specialized in providing Information Technology, Control, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Solutions to ... more »

  • engineering –
  • consulting –
  • project management

Today, organizations are looking to integrate Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and the management of Greenhouse Gases (GHG’s) in to their ... more »

  • consultants –
  • sustainability –
  • consulting
Geothermal Utilities

Geothermal Utilities is proud to be a NextEnergy geothermal specialist. NextEnergy authorized dealers, over 200 across Canada, have the best service, training, ... more »

  • environment –
  • renewable energy –
  • commercial
Forest Products Association of Canada

The Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) is the voice of Canada’s wood, pulp and paper producers nationally and internationally in government, trade, ... more »

  • environmental –
  • sustainability –
  • association

Whether your focus is on reducing waste in landfill, avoiding greenhouse gases, generating alternative energy, saving costs on the purchase of new materials, helping ... more »

  • energy –
  • local –
  • energy saving
Athena Sustainable Materials Institute

At the Athena Sustainable Materials Institute, LCA is applied to construction products, building assemblies, whole structures, building portfolios and highways. ... more »

  • building –
  • environmental –
  • sustainable
What Could Be Greener

We’re here to bring new green technology, green ideas, money saving tips, and new and innovative products to everyone. Not everyone out there is dedicated to reading ... more »

  • environment –
  • energy –
  • green
Eco Building Resource

- By building green we can create a more comfortable, healthier indoor living environment for ourselves. Reducing the off gasing of VOC's ... more »

  • environment –
  • green –
  • building
Integrated Designs Inc.

Integrated Designs Inc. (IDI), established in 1997, is a professional consulting company that provides cost-effective project management, building commissioning, ... more »

  • consultants –
  • energy –
  • design

KillaWatt is a Canadian Distributor of energy efficient technologies that offers leading edge, engineered solutions to energy reduction projects. Nationwide Sales, ... more »

  • energy –
  • green –
  • sustainability
Community Natural Foods

Community Natural Foods can provide you with unrefined and organic foods, natural nutritional supplements and sustainable lifestyle products. Whenever possible ... more »

  • sustainable –
  • organic –
  • natural
Carbon Sense Solutions

Carbon Sense Solutions designs unique low-carbon projects to make you look smart, savvy, and ready to take on the competition. We are one of Canada’s largest ... more »

  • solutions –
  • environment –
  • green
Enertec Mechanical

We here at Enertec Mechanical have over three decades of experience in the greenhouse heating industry. Our expertise and new and creative approach to the job provides ... more »

  • consultants –
  • solutions –
  • heating
Engineered Energy Corporation

We here at the Engineered Energy Corporation are dedicated to supplying top of the range quality energy saving solutions for any type of application. We understand ... more »

  • energy saving –
  • solutions –
  • energy efficiency

Climate Change Products

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Fund Tree Planting Projects for Carbon Offset

  By sponsoring tree planting projects for $1.25 per tree, individuals and businesses are supporting sustainable action. Building a community centered around ... more »

  • Carbon Offset Business –
  • Climate Change –
  • Greenhouse Offset
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction

up for GHG Reduction credits, fewer carbon emissions go into the environment. This helps us collectively control climate change for everyone. Please get in touch ... more »

  • Carbon Neutral –
  • Greenhouse Gas Solutions –
  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction
Promoting the Climate Movement Promoting the Climate Movement

organisations a place to get together and coordinate their activities to make the most good for all, focusing on climate change and all of the associated issues. ... more »

  • Climate Change –
  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction –
  • Clean Energy
Recycling Pickup Company Recycling Pickup Company

with the waste from a party, meeting or other special event, let us handle it for you in an eco-friendly way. With climate change a popular topic of discussion, ... more »

  • Climate Change –
  • Eco Recycling –
  • Green
Greening Restoration and Stewardship

chance for communities to take steps to address global-scale issues at the local level, including issues concerning climate... more »

  • Community –
  • Health –
  • Trees
Find an Environmental Job Find an Environmental Job

green practices and procedures. All of these have a place on the website. In today’s complex world, where climate change and energy conservation are hot topics, ... more »

  • Climate Change –
  • Conservation –
  • Environmental Jobs
Sustainable Energy Solutions Sustainable Energy Solutions

to the increased awareness of climate change issues, AERA Energy Solutions has been helping companies like yours develop sustainable energy solutions for the present ... more »

  • Energy Consultants –
  • Climate Change –
  • Energy Solutions
Carbon Offsets and Accounting Services Carbon Offsets and Accounting Services

Carbonzero, a carbon management company, provides carbon offsets and accounting services to commercial and industrial clients. Whether your main goal is to save ... more »

  • Carbon Offset –
  • Energy Consumption –
  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction
Energy and Greenhouse Gas Planning Energy and Greenhouse Gas Planning

Enerficiency has been proven a leader in energy and greenhouse gas planning, due to over 20 years’ experience in the field. We work with governments, utilities ... more »

  • Energy Auditors –
  • Energy Audit –
  • Greenhouse Gas
Smart Energy Solutions Smart Energy Solutions

Cristal Controls produces and provides smart energy solutions for companies ranging from small businesses to major corporations. We provide all of the necessary ... more »

  • Carbon Footprint –
  • Energy Efficient Business –
  • Energy Consumption
Energy Management Consulting Services Energy Management Consulting Services

Comsatec is an independent company that provides energy management consulting services to commercial, industrial and institutional organisations. Because we are ... more »

  • Energy Consumption –
  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction –
  • Consulting
Environmental Sustainability is in Our Nature

For us FPAC members, environmental sustainability is in our nature. We are at the forefront in manufacturing sustainable forest products under highly stringent ... more »

  • environmental –
  • nature –
  • sustainable
Emissions Monitoring Solutions Emissions Monitoring Solutions

CEM Specialties is committed to providing innovative and up-to-date emissions monitoring solutions to various industries, including the incineration, power generation, ... more »

  • Carbon Emissions –
  • Emissions Assessment –
  • Emissions
Speaker and Writer on Sustainability Speaker and Writer on Sustainability

Carl Duivenvoorden is a speaker and writer on sustainability, climate change, energy and the environment. He offers the motivation and inspiration that you are ... more »

  • Climate Change Consultants –
  • Climate Change –
  • Sustainability
Low Carbon Projects Low Carbon Projects

Carbon Sense specialises in creating low carbon projects for private- and public-sector clients interested in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. We are well-versed ... more »

  • Carbon Footprint –
  • Carbon –
  • Green Companies
Clean Coal Upgrading Technology Clean Coal Upgrading Technology

At MicroCoal Technologies, we concentrate on clean coal upgrading technology. This technology leads to fewer greenhouse gas emissions, energy savings and reduced ... more »

  • Energy –
  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction –
  • Environmentally Friendly
Air Pollution Control Air Pollution Control

Alius Environmental Engineering is a firm specialising in air pollution control, emissions management and control in the gas and oil sectors. It is our goal to ... more »

  • Air Pollution –
  • Greenhouse Gas –
  • Environmental Engineering

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