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Carbon Footprint Companies

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Sun Select Produce Inc. Sun Select Produce Inc.

funding from has allowed this company to heat their greenhouses in a manner that reduces their carbon footprint emissions. They switched from non-renewable ... more »

  • renewable –
  • biomass –
  • waste
Less Emissions Inc.

Visit the Less Emissions website to calculate your carbon footprint and purchase carbon offsets.... more »

  • environment –
  • sustainability –
  • sustainable

our customers with environmentally friendly moving supplies, we also make a conscious effort to minimize our carbon footprint by optimizing our delivery schedule ... more »

  • environmental –
  • environment –
  • sustainable
Zero GHG

Visit the Zero GHG website to calculate your carbon footprint and purchase carbon offsets.... more »

  • climate change –
  • global warming –
  • carbon footprint
Green Living Enterprises

Visit the Green Living Enterprises website to calculate your carbon footprint and purchase carbon offsets.... more »

  • carbon footprint –
  • carbon –
  • website
Microcoal Technologies

Visit the Carbon Friendly Microcoal website to calculate your carbon footprint and purchase carbon offsets.... more »

  • friendly –
  • carbon footprint –
  • carbon
Cool Action Inc.

Visit the Cool Action website to calculate your carbon footprint and purchase carbon offsets.... more »

  • carbon footprint –
  • carbon –
  • website

Visit the Zerofootprint website to calculate your carbon footprint and purchase carbon offsets.... more »

  • carbon footprint –
  • carbon –
  • website
Livclean Corp.

Visit the Livclean Corp. website to calculate your carbon footprint and purchase carbon offsets.... more »

  • carbon footprint –
  • carbon –
  • website
Farmhouse Poultry

of having to make farmers send their poultry off Vancouver Island for processing. This means there is a smaller carbon footprint with poultry travelling less, ... more »

  • local –
  • carbon footprint –
  • carbon

project. This ensures the tree will continue to act as carbon storage. As well, this company measures their own carbon footprint and plants trees to offset... more »

  • carbon footprint –
  • project –
  • carbon
Wedge Farms Nutrition

and returned to the soil. Cavena is then much more dense needing far less storage space and hauling, reducing the carbon footprint... more »

  • carbon footprint –
  • carbon –
  • storage
Preloved - Toronto, Danforth Avenue

line and an uber cute childrens line called me*me. These collectionshave helped us further reduce our carbon footprint by allowing us to use up mostof the remnants ... more »

  • sustainability –
  • design –
  • clothing
Industrial Air Filter Cleaning

newly manufactured one. Cleaning is done at a fraction of the price of new.  Overall you help reduce your carbon footprint stop sending contaminated filters ... more »

  • industrial –
  • clean –
  • recycled
e3 Solutions

At e3 Solutions, helping companies measure, monitor, and verify their greenhouse gas emissions is what we do.  Since 2005, e3 has provided software solutions ... more »

  • environmental –
  • solutions –
  • management
Dockside Green

Dockside Green is a visionary community dedicated to changing the development paradigm. Through innovations in the use of land, water, waste, air, energy, technology ... more »

  • energy –
  • design –
  • green
AW Lighting Solutions

AW Lighting provides our customers with the highest quality LED lighting products. Replacing your lights with LED will dramatically cut your energy costs, reduce ... more »

  • energy –
  • quality –
  • lighting

Abacus Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Abacus Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning is a full-service, residential and commercial HVAC contractor committed in providing energy efficient options that ... more »

  • energy –
  • commercial –
  • heating

Carbon Footprint Products

15 listed

Recycled Bio Diesel Recycled Bio Diesel

friendly alternative to petrol. Our co-op has about 200 members, all of whom are trying to reduce their carbon footprint and do something good for the environment. ... more »

  • Alternative Fuel –
  • Carbon Footprint –
  • Petrol Saving Products
Sustainable Waterfront Community Sustainable Waterfront Community

Green development, you may never need to leave this master-planned community, but you won't have to expand your carbon footprint if you do. This sustainable community ... more »

  • Green Roofing –
  • Carbon Footprint –
  • Energy Saving Measurement Devices
Smart Energy Solutions Smart Energy Solutions

Our goal is to help you save money through lowered energy consumption. As your overhead decreases, so does your carbon footprint. A more energy efficient system ... more »

  • Carbon Footprint –
  • Energy Efficient Business –
  • Energy Consumption
Energy Saving Consultants Energy Saving Consultants

In the 21st century, it is vital for everyone to do his or her part in saving energy and reducing our overall carbon footprint. We perform energy audits to help ... more »

  • Carbon Footprint –
  • Energy Saving –
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction
Sustainable Growth of Solar Energy Sustainable Growth of Solar Energy

energy as a feasible solution for those wanting to reduce their energy consumption, their energy costs, and their carbon footprint. With 650 member companies located ... more »

  • Carbon Footprint –
  • Renewable Solar Energy –
  • Energy Consumption
Residential Energy Audits Residential Energy Audits

energy is going, but can also develop energy savings plans that will lead to decreased energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint. A Hirus Certified Energy Auditor ... more »

  • Carbon Footprint –
  • Energy Consumption –
  • Energy Savings
Sustainable Energy Solutions Sustainable Energy Solutions

or attend one of our special events. When we all work together, we can make a change, reduce our collective carbon footprint and raise... more »

  • Sustainable Energy Consultants –
  • Carbon Footprint –
  • Renewable Energy
Appliance Optimisation for Energy Efficiency Appliance Optimisation for Energy Efficiency

in an efficient manner, you’ll see energy savings, which lead to a savings in cost, as well as a reduced carbon footprint. Amserv has a passion for innovation ... more »

  • Carbon Footprint –
  • Energy Efficiency –
  • Eco Appliances
Environmentally Friendly Reflective Aluminum Environmentally Friendly Reflective Aluminum

fixture. You can achieve a high return on your investment in a relatively short period of time, while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time. With over ... more »

  • Carbon Footprint –
  • Energy Consumption –
  • Environmentally Friendly
Make Buildings More Efficient Make Buildings More Efficient

efficiency include cost savings, environmental friendliness, sustainable buildings and equipment, and a reduced carbon footprint. Our services encompass many facets ... more »

  • Carbon Footprint –
  • Construction –
  • Sustainable Buildings
Zero Carbon Design Zero Carbon Design

At Carbon Busters, we are in the business of reducing the environmental impacts of businesses and communities. We specialise in zero carbon design, carbon accounting, ... more »

  • Environmental Impact Assessment –
  • Carbon Footprint –
  • Green Building
Safety and Air Quality Safety and Air Quality

At Contex Environnement, we take workplace safety and air quality seriously. We understand that in order to provide a safe, healthy workspace or living environment, ... more »

  • Carbon Footprint –
  • Energy Savings –
  • Environment
Low Carbon Projects Low Carbon Projects

Carbon Sense specialises in creating low carbon projects for private- and public-sector clients interested in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. We are well-versed ... more »

  • Carbon Footprint –
  • Carbon –
  • Green Companies
Reduce Emissions and Fuel Costs Reduce Emissions and Fuel Costs

At Brais Malouin and Associates, or BMA, we work to help you reduce emissions and fuel costs. We are energy and combustion experts, and we offer a variety of services, ... more »

  • Carbon Footprint –
  • Environmental Engineering –
  • Green Engineering
New Energy Management Solutions New Energy Management Solutions

At Avoca Tec, we specialise in finding businesses like yours come up with new energy management solutions for the challenges that they are facing. We pride ourselves ... more »

  • Carbon Footprint –
  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction –
  • Reduce Your Ecological Footprint

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